What Is a Hidden Tip on DoorDash?

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If you’ve just signed up as a Dasher and heard the rumors about DoorDash hiding tips on your orders, you might want to know if there’s any truth.


The confidential tip on DoorDash is when the app hides a part of any tip above $6 from its Dashers to:

  • Avoid discrimination based on the gratuity amount.
  • Allow the customer to change the tip until the delivery is completed.
  • Stop unnecessary cancellations of orders.

To help you figure out the truth, we have written a guide on what is a confidential tip on DoorDash. We will also give you an insight into how their tipping system works.

What Is a Hidden Tip on DoorDash?

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Becoming a Dasher with DoorDash is one of the best driving gigs to earn money quickly. Aside from the base pay, Dashers get most of their earnings from the customers’ tips.

The DoorDash tipping and payment system has evolved a lot over time. Previously, its payment model included guaranteed tips to the riders.

In simpler terms, a part of the customer’s tip would go to DoorDash, but if someone didn’t tip, they would make up for the difference.

After receiving a lot of criticism on this payment model, DoorDash changed its tipping system in 2019. The Dashers now receive base pay for each order and a 100% of the customer tips.

But here’s the catch: DoorDash hides can hide a part of every tip above $6 from the Dasher. This hidden tip method has been implemented to encourage the riders to accept more offers rather than just the ones with a high tip.

After you complete delivery as a Dasher, only you can see the total amount of tip you will get.


Customers can also tip Dashers in cash if they don’t want to pay online.

Why Does DoorDash Hides the Tips?

Many people have criticized the confidential tip on DoorDash, but there are specific reasons why the company opts to do it.

Let’s discuss each one briefly:

1. To Stop the Discrimination of Orders Based on Tips

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Since all Dashers are independent contractors and not employees, they can choose which order to take up.

In 2019, when the payment model changed, many customers complained about waiting long before riders accepted their orders.

Every Dasher only opted for the orders with the highest tip, and the flow of orders on the app became disrupted. To address this issue, DoorDash came up with the idea of partially hiding the tip amount.

Since Dashers can’t see the total tip until the delivery is completed, they are more likely to accept the order.

2. Customer Can Change the Tip Amount After Delivery

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Tipping is a way for customers to show their appreciation for the service they receive.

However, since it’s not mandatory, customers can choose not to tip you if they aren’t satisfied with the service or even without any reason.

This is why DoorDash allows customers to change their tip amount until the order has been completed and hides it from the Dashers until then.

3. To Prevent the Declining of Orders

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Once DoorDash changed its payment model and started showing 100% of the tips to the riders, there was an influx in the number of orders being declined.

Now, the app only displays a percentage of the tip and the base pay to the Dashers. This is enough information for the Dasher to decide whether to continue completing the order and prevent unnecessary cancellations.

How To See Hidden Tips on DoorDash?

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Currently, the only way to view the secret tips on DoorDash is to complete the order first.

Once that’s done, open the app and tap the “Orders” tab. Next, scroll and find the order you wish to check the secret tip for and tap it.

There, you will see all the details of your tips under the “Delivery Information” section, including the confidential tip, and that’s about the extent of what you can find.


An app called “Para” figured out how the remote tip system at DoorDash worked, and they created a “Tip Transparency” tool for Dasher.

This feature identified the concealed tip amount and sent a notification to you stating a calculated prediction of what it would be.

However, this feature was rendered useless after DoorDash built an app update that bypassed the Para systems.


In this guide, we discussed the confidential tip on DoorDash. We also discussed why DoorDash hid the tips from the Dashers and if there is a way to view them.

We hope your question has been answered in this article and you have learned everything you need to know about the tipping system at DoorDash before signing up as a Dasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Biggest DoorDash Tip Ever?

The biggest tip amount that a Dasher has ever received was $900 for a single order!

How Much Do Dashers Get Paid?

All Dashers earn $25 per hour, including 100% of the tips they receive. You can check your total payment on the “Earnings” tab on your DoorDash app.

How Much Do Door Dashers Make per Delivery Without a Tip?

Depending on the order’s desirability, duration, and distance, you can make around $2-$10 base pay as a Dasher.

What Is the Lowest Tip for DoorDash?

The minimum amount you should tip for good service at DoorDash is 10% of your total order cost.

Any tip lower than this indicates that the service was below average, the food was spoiled during delivery, or the Dasher was unprofessional.

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