What Happens When UPS Says “Delivered” But No Package?

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Undoubtedly UPS provides fast and secure parcel delivery service all around the globe.

But, you can get easily frustrated upon encountering your package’s delivery status as “Delivered” even though it was not, and you may wonder what to do now.


If UPS tracking shows that your package has been delivered, but you did not get it received, follow these quick tips:

  • Search around your house door front, porch, garage, or backyard for the parcel.
  • Ask your neighbors or other residents (if any) at home about the package.
  • Contact the UPS driver and inquire where they have dropped your parcel.
  • If you still can’t find it, submit a complaint and file a claim against your lost package.

Although encountering the delivery status “Delivered” seems vague, there is nothing to panic about as UPS supports inquiring and claiming the lost parcels by collaborating with the seller and investigation agencies.

Below, we have discussed what happens when UPS says “Delivered,” but you did not receive any package and how to deal with your mislaid or lost UPS parcels.

What Happens When UPS Says “Delivered” but No Package?

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If you frequently send or receive parcels from UPS, you might know that the package’s delivery status only turns to “Delivered” after reaching its final destination.

Hence, if you encounter the term “Delivered” as the current delivery status of your parcel even though you have not received it, there is undoubtedly something wrong that needs to be sorted out.

The most likely explanation for this issue is an inaccurate address.

You may have unintentionally provided the wrong address, resulting in your package showing the delivery status “Delivered,” but you cannot find it at your location.


UPS drivers drop off packages at the doorstep that do not require your signature at the time of delivery, which means that they won’t call you to receive the parcel, resulting in reaching the wrong address (if mentioned mistakenly).

However, suppose the UPS tracking indicates that the driver delivered your package to your mentioned address and obtained a signature, but you have not received it.

In that case, it’s possible that a neighbor or any person at your house collected your consignment.

What To Do if UPS Says Your Package Was Delivered (Even Though It Was Not)

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If the delivery status of your package on UPS shows “Delivered,” but you haven’t received it yet.

It is advisable to thoroughly search areas such as your front door, pathway, backyard, or garage, regardless of whether a signature was required for delivery.


UPS delivery drivers often use plastic bags to cover your parcel in case of cloudy weather to save it from rain, so also try to find something wrapped or an unfamiliar package in your home’s surroundings.

There is a possibility that your parcel was delivered to your neighbors or any other person living in your house if you were unavailable to receive it.

Therefore ask people around you if they have collected your expected package.


Track your upcoming UPS package regularly to minimize the chances of failed delivery and save yourself from the hassle of finding your mislaid parcel delivered to an incorrect address.

If you cannot find your package near your house and fail to retrieve it from the neighbors, contact UPS and ask the driver where they dropped your parcel.

Lastly, if you still can’t find your parcel after contacting the UPS driver, you should launch a complaint and ask for a claim against your delivered yet unreceived package.

In that case, to file a claim, perform the following steps:

  • Head to the UPS website’s “File a Claim” section.
  • Log in with your UPS credentials.
  • Select the respective package or enter the consignment number.
  • Fill out the information form, including shipping address, sender details, etc.
  • Hit the “Submit Claim” button.

UPS will deeply study your case, interrogate the delivery driver, and may involve investigation agencies to determine the root cause of your delivered but unreceived package.

After inquiring, UPS will pay for your lost parcel in collaboration with the seller whose delivery status was “Delivered,” but you never received it.


In this guide, we discussed what happens when UPS says “Delivered,” but no package is received, and explored the possible scenarios in which you may face this problem.

We also discussed filing a claim against your delivered yet unreceived UPS parcel.

We hope you understand that you should search near your house for the delivered but unreceived UPS parcel and then ask the people around if they collected it on your behalf.

Lastly, if nothing works, contact UPS and file a complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Receive My UPS Parcel While Its Delivery Status Is Still “In Transit”?

UPS tracking system may mark a package as “In Transit” even after it reaches the destination.

It happens when the parcel moves quickly through the UPS network, and the delivery scan is not recorded until after delivery.

Does UPS Mark Things Deliver Before Delivering?

UPS does not commonly mark packages as “delivered” before they reach their destination.

However, there may be instances where the driver marks your parcel as delivered before dropping it off due to human error or miscommunication with their handheld device.

How Do UPS Prove They Deliver a Package?

UPS proves package delivery by providing a document that combines the invoice, photo proof of delivery, and signature scans, which can be sent to you via email or other electronic means.

Does UPS Investigation Your Lost Package?

UPS investigates your lost packages by searching for them in the delivery vehicle and surrounding areas, interviewing the driver and other employees involved, and checking with the recipient and anyone else who may have contacted the package.

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