What Does “Left FedEx Origin Facility” Mean?

Left Fedex Origin Facility

FedEx is one of the largest courier and transportation companies in the world.

Launched in 1973, FedEx delivered 186 packages on the first day of its operations. Today, FedEx routinely delivers millions of packages daily around the globe.

Its belief in providing outstanding customer service, innovation, and collaboration are the main drivers for its remarkable growth.

As a part of its customer-friendly policies, FedEx has devised quite a few terms to help customers understand the current status of their package. While most of the terms are easy to understand, there is one question that most of their customers usually ask themselves.

What Does the term “Left FedEx Origin Facility” Mean?


As a customer-centric company, FedEx has adopted various measures to help its clients track the exact status of the packages shipped by them.

It regularly updates its website with the package’s current status. Also, it uses terms such as “Left FedEx Origin Facility,” which means that the package has left the FedEx facility closest to the origin of the shipment, i.e., the facility that first received the package from the customer.

It also denotes that the package is on its way and has just completed the initial steps in its delivery to the recipient.

So if you are expecting a delivery from FedEx or have sent a package through FedEx and have received or seen this update, you can relax and rest assured that your package is on the way.

Quite a few people get anxious about receiving their packages as they want to be sure they are there to collect them. That is why most of them keep checking the FedEx website or sign-up for updates on the package delivery status.

If you are one of them and want to know more about the package for which you have received the “Left FedEx Origin Facility” message or update, keep reading this post.

FedEx Package Tracking

Fedex Package Tracking

Given the number of packages FedEx manages daily, it’s quite a task for FedEx to update its customers and the package recipients on the exact status of their packages.

Without a regular update, people tend to call the local FedEx facility for their package details, leading to quite a few person-hours lost in answering this basic query.

To resolve this problem, FedEx has devised some terms that convey the exact delivery status to its customers.

One of the terms you are bound to encounter on their website while tracking your package is “Left FedEx Origin Facility.”

Left FedEx Origin Facility

Left Fedex Origin Facility

This is one of the most common updates you may get about your package, no matter if you have sent it or the customer who will receive it.

This term implies that the package has left the facility where it was first received towards its final destination. It usually refers to the facility closest to the sender of the package, where it must have reached after the delivery person picked it up from the customer.

It does not mean the package has been left for delivery to you, as some customers are bound to think about it after receiving this message.

Instead, the package has just begun its journey toward the recipient at this stage.

Next Steps

Since the package is now in transit towards you, you can expect to receive it as per the pre-defined time frame for the delivery, depending on whether it is a local delivery, at the state level, within the country, or at an international destination.

To avoid checking the delivery status repeatedly, you can sign up for text or email updates on your package delivery status for more convenience.

Other Delivery Update Messages

Some of the other messages that you are likely to receive as a part of the regular updates by FedEx are:

  • In Transit
  • Arrived at FedEx Location “Location Name”
  • At Destination Sort Facility
  • Out For Delivery
  • Delivered


As one of the biggest courier and transportation companies, FedEx takes immense pride in its customer service initiatives, which include providing customers with timely updates on their delivery.

As a FedEx customer, you can rest assured about the status of your delivery by checking their website for regular updates.

The message “Left FedEx Origin Facility” on their website signifies that the package is now a part of the delivery cycle and will reach you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if You Keep Seeing the Message “Left FedEx Origin Facility”?

The package delivery status is updated quite regularly on the FedEx website. However, if you have seen this message for more than 2 to 3 days, then you should contact the FedEx customer support team for the latest update or reasons for the message not being updated.

What Is the Location of the FedEx Origin Facility?

FedEx Origin Facility refers to the center which received the package after it was picked up from the customer. It does not refer to any specific location or address.

Are the Status Updates on the FedEx Website Accurate?

Most of the website updates are posted on a real-time basis to help customers know the exact status/location of the package. However, it may happen in some circumstances that the latest updates are not available.

In such scenarios, you should contact the FedEx facility closest to you for an up-to-date status on your package.

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