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What Do Trader Joe’s Employees Wear?

Trader Joe's

Understanding the dress code plays an important role when applying for a job. You need to ponder whether you are comfortable wearing the assigned attire.

If you are looking forward to working at Trader Joe’s, what do you know about its uniform?


Trader Joe’s is based on the idea of traders on culinary seas who try to hunt down unique products and provide them to their customers.

To portray this idea, its employees are always seen wearing vibrant colors with a touch of floral art. Its crew members are mostly seen in the following attire:

  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Solid-color tee or hoodie with a hibiscus flower

Read on to learn more about the Trader Joe’s employee uniform and the story behind it.

Trader Joe’s Uniform

Trader Joe's Employee

Unlike any other ordinary grocery store, shopping at Trader Joe’s is a unique experience. They are bountiful with their free samples and have a variety of organic food choices.

The handmade signs and employees with interactive titles like “store captain,” “merchant,” or “mates” uplift the shopping experience of customers and make it more attractive.

After all, it is a good experience for customers, but what about the employees? What is it like to be on a crew team at Trader Joe’s?

Well, they also have their fair share of fun experiences.

In addition to the joyful working environment, they can benefit from a few perks like competitive pay, paid time off, store discounts, and medical insurance.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into Trader Joe’s, you get a kind of tropical vibe?

You can see some employees in Hawaiian shirts and some in solid-color shirts or hoodies with hibiscus flowers.

Is it a part of their uniform? Let’s see what Trader Joe’s employees have to wear.


Most of the Trader Joe’s stores follow a unique rule where the manager has to wear a Hawaiian shirt, and other crew members must wear a solid-color shirt with hibiscus flowers.

It makes it easier for customers to distinguish between crew members and a store manager.

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts

If you are a regular customer at Trader Joe’s, there is a high chance that you will come across a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt. It’s most likely the store manager of that branch.

This can make one wonder why Trader Joe’s follows this nautical theme. What’s the story?

Joe Coulombe, the founder of Trader Joe’s, talked about why he chose this tropical theme in the second episode of the Trader Joe’s podcast.

He had been reading the book “White Shadows in the South Seas” and went to Disneyland’s famous Jungle Cruise Ride. These events connected all the dots and gave birth to this idea.

Trader Joe’s CEO, Dan Bane, wears the Hawaiian shirt to keep up with the store’s theme. He said he has an uncountable amount of Hawaiian shirts and donates them to charity every year.

The employees state that they have their closets filled with such shirts, and one employee claimed on the podcast that he has around 40 Hawaiian shirts in his wardrobe.

Employees do not have to wear Hawaiian shirts. These are just assigned to some permanent and senior employees of Trader Joe’s.

But on some occasions, the management will ask every crew member to show up in a Hawaiian shirt.

Hibiscus Flower Theme

Hibiscus Flower

If you are a part-time or junior employee, you don’t necessarily have to wear a Hawaiian shirt. You’ll be given a couple of shirts, a jacket, and a pair of gloves to wear.


Trader Joe’s provides great flexibility to its employees and has no rules or restrictions for hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, or beards. They allow employees to be themselves as they see fit.

Trader Joe’s goes by the idea of having a casual yet professional look for the employees.

Let’s see how it works by breaking down the dress code.

Shirts or Hoodies

Shirts With Vibrant Colors

The shirts are available in a wide range of vibrant colors, and you can wear whichever color you want. These shirts have a hibiscus flower printed on them, portraying the nautical theme of Trader Joe’s.

It is important that your name tag is prominent for the customers to be able to read your name in case they require any assistance.

As for winter, you’ll have hoodies or jackets in vibrant colors with hibiscus flowers printed on them as well.

Trousers or Shorts


You are free to wear any pants or shorts you like as long as they are not ripped or do not have holes in them.

The casual yet professional approach of Trader Joe’s ensures all their employees are comfortable and look decent in their uniforms.



Except for open-toed shoes, you are free to wear any type.

This goes without saying that you should avoid wearing slippers. Just a heads-up, you should go for comfortable footwear as you have to move a lot during work hours.


A Manager With Hat

The permission to wear a hat varies for different branches of the store.

In some regions, you may be allowed to wear the hat or beanie as long as it has the Trader Joe’s logo or initials printed on it.


Even if you are allowed to wear the hat to work, you must not wear it if you are working on the sales floor. It’s prohibited in that area.

It all comes down to the management’s permission and whether they are okay with you wearing the hat.


Trader Joe’s ensures a unique shopping experience where you won’t find many branded items, unlike every other grocery store. Instead, you will see more unique products under Trader Joe’s label.

In addition to the unique items, the working environment at Trader Joe’s is also distinctive from other grocery stores.

They have a nautical theme where senior employees wear button-down Hawaiian shirts, while others wear vibrant-colored shirts or hoodies with a gigantic hibiscus flower printed on them.

You can wear the pants of your choice as long as they are not ripped or do not have any holes in them.

As for shoes, all are acceptable except for open-toed ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Trader Joe’s Provide Uniforms to Its Employees?

Yes, you’ll be provided with a set of vibrant-colored shirts, gloves, a hoodie, and a jacket as soon as you are hired.

If you look forward to wearing a hat to work, you must get permission from your manager.

If he allows, you can purchase the hat with Trader Joe’s logo or initials to wear at work.

As for pants and shoes, you will have to wear your own.

Does Every Employee of Trader Joe’s Wear a Hawaiian Shirt?

No, not all employees have to wear button-down Hawaiian shirts. This shirt is only worn by senior employees, whereas junior employees must wear a vibrant-colored shirt or hoodie with a large hibiscus flower printed on it. It is up to you, whichever color you choose to wear to work.

Are Tattoos Allowed at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s ensures a flexible working environment where they have no restrictions or rules for tattoos, hair color, or style.

You can still discuss it with your manager and get their approval if they are okay with it.

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