What Do Dunkin Donuts Employees Wear?

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If you are a new hire or applying for a job at Dunkin’ Donuts, you must understand what to wear by understanding the dress code.


The employees at Dunkin’ Donuts wear a simple uniform, which includes a polo shirt with a brown apron, khaki/blue jeans, a hat or visor with the company logo, and black non-slip closed-toed shoes.

The color of the polo shirt can be white, blue, or red, depending on the designation of the worker. Moreover, female employees must avoid wearing dark makeup, acrylic nails, and excessive jewelry and should cover visible tattoos.

We have written a complete guide about what Dunkin’ Donuts employees wear to help you give a neat impression and maintain the hygiene protocol for your shifts.

Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Dress Code

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At Dunkin’ Donuts, the uniform is an essential part of the company’s branding and ensures that employees represent the brand in the best way possible.

The Dunkin’ Donuts employee uniform helps create a cohesive and professional look and makes it easy for customers to identify the staff.

Moreover, following the dress code makes them responsible employee who cares about kitchen safety and hygiene.

So, if you are wondering what Dunkin’ Donuts employees wear and how you are expected to present as one, below are a few necessary items in this regard.

1. Polo Shirt

Most part-time or junior crew members at Dunkin’ Donuts wear a solid white polo shirt with a name tag on the left side of their chest, which is tucked in for a neat look.

On the other hand, a shift supervisor or assistant manager must wear a solid red polo tee. However, for managers, Dunkin’ Donuts suggests wearing a blue polo shirt.


The difference in the color of the shirts is so the customers can easily approach respective employees with their queries.

2. Jeans

Wearing denim gives a laid-back but well-groom look. So, to complement the polo shirt, employees wear khaki or blue jeans during their shifts at Dunkin’ Donuts. But there is no room for jeans that are ripped or have any holes in them.

However, in the employee handbook, the coffee and doughnuts company urges the store managers and supervisors to wear only khaki jeans.


Employees at Dunkin’ Donuts are not allowed to wear black or excessively baggy jeans.

3. Apron

A brown apron is an essential part of the uniform of a Dunkin’ Donuts employee, which is crucial for maintaining hygiene and can save them from accidental spills of hot coffee.

The employee can layer the apron given by the company over their polo shirt.

4. Hats

Like other fast food chains, Dunkin’ Donuts employees must always wear a hat or a visor with the company logo during work hours.


Dunkin’s Donuts employees having long hair tie them in a neat bun before wearing the company’s hat.

Despite the company’s stringent hat rule, they allow workers at Dunkin’ Donuts to take off the caps during their break.

5. Black Non-Slip Shoes

It may come as a surprise, but Dunkin’ Donuts suggest its employees wear closed-toed and rubber-soled black shoes during the shift.


The non-slip shoes increase traction and help prevent the risk of fall injuries by slipping on spilled water, tea, or coffee on the floor.

According to the company’s employee handbook, the shoes should always be clean and polished to portray a professional look to the customers.

Since Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t provide shoes, the employees must check in with their manager to hand them a flyer or elaborate on what kind they need before buying a pair.

6. Socks

Socks are great for absorbing moisture, especially when wearing closed-toed shoes.

Therefore, Dunkin’ Donuts employees wear socks because the company is very particular about its stores’ health and sanitation policies.


If you are a Dunkin’ Donut employee, change your socks daily to avoid any foul odor.

What To Avoid Wearing at Dunkin’ Donuts

Below are a few things that Dunkin’ Donuts employees should avoid wearing while working there.

1. Dark Makeup

Natural or no makeup look is allowed for Dunkin’ Donuts employees on the premises. However, the company doesn’t allow dark or bright eye shadows or encourage eyeliner use.

2. Excessive Jewelry

The employees at Dunkin’ Donuts are encouraged to go for a minimal look with only two earrings per ear or a watch/ring on one hand.

However, they can wear a necklace under the polo shirt, but that is the limit since bracelets, tongue rings, or other facial piercings are prohibited while working.

3. Visible Tattoos

Employees with visible tattoos at Dunkin’ Donuts must cover them as a part of the company’s dress code.


To avoid penalties for inconsistent dress code, avoid wearing nail charms, decals, or artificial nails as a Dunkin’ Donuts employee.


A Worker At Dunkin Donuts In Simple Dress Code

In conclusion, we’ve discussed what Dunkin’ Donuts employees wear on the premises and explored what they should avoid wearing, such as excessive jewelry, visible tattoos, dark makeup, and acrylic nails.

Hopefully, you can now ace your best look while following the dress code of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dunkin’ Donuts Allow Dyed Hair?

Dunkin’ Donuts allows dyed hair for employees, but only in natural colors like black, brown, red, etc.

What Should I Wear to a Dunkin’ Donuts Interview?

You can wear casual clothes like a button-down shirt with pants to a Dunkin’ Donuts interview.

Can I Wear Acrylic Nails to Dunkin’ Donuts as an Employee?

You cannot wear acrylic nails to Dunkin’ Donuts as an employee because you may work closely with food, like preparing coffee and handling baked goods.

The company has a strict fingernail policy for its workers which states keeping them clean, free of debris, no more than 1/2 inch long, and can only wear natural-colored nail polish.

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