How Late Does Publix Make Subs?

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If you’ve ever found yourself craving a delicious sub from Publix, you might have wondered, “how late does Publix make subs?” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer that question and provide some useful insights on how to get the freshest subs from Publix.


Publix typically makes subs from 7 AM to 9:30 PM, Monday through Sunday. However, the exact timing may vary depending on the specific location of the store. It’s recommended to check with your local store or place a pre-order to ensure you get your sub when you want it.

Publix Deli Operating Hours

The operating hours of the Publix deli department, where subs are made, typically run from 7 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Sunday. This aligns with the standard operating hours of most Publix stores. However, some locations may have slightly different hours. It’s always a good idea to check with your local store for exact timing information. Please note that the Publix deli remains closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

When Does Publix Stop Making Subs?

While the Publix deli operates until 10 PM, the sub-making usually wraps up about ½ or 1 hour before closing. So, if you’re planning on picking up a late-night sub, it’s best to do so before 9:30 PM. Keep in mind that these hours may vary depending on the location, so it’s always best to call ahead and confirm before heading out.

Does the Time Vary Depending on the Location?

Yes, the operating hours of Publix stores and their deli departments may vary depending on the location. Most Publix stores are open every day from 7 am to 10 pm, but some locations may close earlier, often at 9 pm. It is recommended to check the specific store hours for the Publix location you plan to visit, as hours may differ.

Can You Pre-Order Subs?

Customers can pre-order subs, but the subs will typically be made within a specific time frame before the due time. For example, hot subs are usually made 30 minutes before the due time, while cold sandwiches are made an hour before the due time. Pre-ordering allows customers to place an order for a specific time and day, ensuring that their food is ready when they arrive.

Publix is known for its popular and delicious subs, often referred to as “Pub Subs.” Some of the most popular subs at Publix include the Chicken Tender Sub, Ultimate Sub, Havana Bold Sub, Boar’s Head Turkey Sub, and Boar’s Head Italian Sub. These subs can be customized with a variety of bread, toppings, and condiments to suit individual preferences.

Tips for Getting the Freshest Subs

To get the freshest subs at Publix, you can customize your order, order online ahead of time, choose your bread wisely, select the right meat and cheese, make it a salad, order a half sub or save half for later, and take advantage of customization options. Remember, the key to getting the freshest subs at Publix is to customize your order and choose ingredients that suit your taste and dietary preferences.

We hope this guide has answered your question, “how late does Publix make subs?” Remember to always check with your local store for the most accurate information. Happy eating!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order Publix subs online?

Yes, you can order Publix subs online. They offer a user-friendly online ordering system where you can customize your sub and select a pick-up time.

The Chicken Tender Sub typically includes fresh chicken tenders, your choice of cheese, and a variety of optional toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and various condiments.

Are there vegetarian options for Publix subs?

Yes, Publix offers a variety of vegetarian options for their subs. You can choose from a variety of cheeses, veggies, and condiments to customize your sub according to your preference.

Does Publix offer gluten-free sub options?

While Publix does offer a variety of bread options, as of now, they do not specifically list a gluten-free bread option for their subs. It’s always a good idea to check with your local store for the most accurate information.

Can I customize my own sub at Publix?

Yes, one of the best things about Publix subs is the ability to customize your sub. You can choose from a wide variety of breads, meats, cheeses, and fresh veggies, as well as a range of condiments to create your perfect sub.

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