Where Are McDonald’s Arches Not Yellow?

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When we think of McDonald’s, the first image that comes to mind is the iconic golden arches. However, did you know that at some locations around the world, the arches are not yellow? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore where these non-yellow arches are located and why McDonald’s chose to deviate from its iconic color.


The McDonald’s arches are not yellow in a few locations around the world due to local regulations or a desire to blend in with the surroundings. Some of these locations include Paris, France and Bruges, Belgium (white arches); Rocklin and Monterey, California (dark red and black arches respectively); and Sedona and North Scottsdale, Arizona (turquoise and black arches respectively).

Locations with Non-Yellow Arches

McDonald’s has locations in over 100 countries, and while the majority sport the classic yellow arches, a few stand out with their unique color schemes. Here are some examples:

  • Paris, France: The McDonald’s on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées features white arches.
  • Bruges, Belgium: This location also sports white arches.
  • Rocklin, California: The arches here are dark red.
  • Monterey, California: The arches here are black.
  • Sedona, Arizona: This location has turquoise arches.
  • North Scottsdale, Arizona: This McDonald’s has black arches.

Why the Color Change?

These changes are primarily due to local regulations and a desire to blend in with the surrounding environment. For instance, in Sedona, Arizona, local ordinances require that structures harmonize with the natural colors of the landscape. As a result, the McDonald’s in Sedona has turquoise arches instead of the traditional yellow.

Impact on Brand Identity

Despite the color change, these locations still serve the same menu items as other McDonald’s restaurants. The primary difference is the color of the arches. This change in color can impact the perception of the brand. McDonald’s is known for its red and yellow color scheme, which stimulates appetite and makes the brand easily recognizable. Altering this scheme could potentially attract new customers who value environmental responsibility and a more relaxed dining experience.

Unique Design Elements

Aside from the non-yellow arches, these McDonald’s establishments also feature unique design elements. For instance, the McDonald’s in Bray, Ireland is housed in a Tudor-style mansion, while the one in Kristiansand, Norway is located in a historic bank building. These unique designs showcase McDonald’s adaptability and creativity in blending with local architecture and culture.

In Conclusion

While McDonald’s is known for its iconic yellow arches, there are several locations where the arches are not yellow. These changes, usually due to local regulations or to blend in with the environment, showcase McDonald’s ability to adapt and maintain its brand identity. Whether you’re a fan of the classic yellow or the unique non-yellow arches, one thing’s for sure – McDonald’s continues to be a beloved global brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other McDonald’s locations with non-yellow arches?

Yes, there are other locations with non-yellow arches, but the ones mentioned in the article are the most well-known. Each location’s color is decided based on local regulations and environmental considerations.

Does the color change affect the taste of the food at these locations?

No, the color change of the arches does not affect the taste of the food. All McDonald’s locations serve the same menu items, regardless of the color of their arches.

Are there any McDonald’s locations without arches?

Yes, there are a few McDonald’s locations without the iconic arches. These are typically found in historic buildings where the architecture does not allow for the addition of the arches.

Do these unique McDonald’s locations offer any special menu items?

While the menu largely remains the same across all McDonald’s, certain locations may offer region-specific items that cater to local tastes and preferences.

Why did McDonald’s choose yellow and red as their brand colors?

McDonald’s chose red and yellow because these colors are known to stimulate appetite. Yellow is associated with happiness and positivity, while red is known to stimulate and excite, making these colors an effective combination for a fast-food chain.

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