How To Reheat Starbucks Coffee

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We feel you – savoring your fresh coffee cup just adds to the soothing and heart-fluttering experience.

Taking your time at the cafe on a Sunday morning makes you feel refreshed from the tiring week prior. This coffee experience is truly something you deserve!

You can also be working steadfastly in a cafe. Sometimes, the intense focus and effort you put into your work make you forget to drink the coffee.

Whatever your situation may be, it is no doubt that not everyone finishes their coffee in one go. Throwing your Starbucks coffee may feel like a huge waste. So how exactly do you reheat Starbucks coffee?


You can reheat a Starbucks drink through a microwave, a stovetop, or a steam wand. A Starbucks drink remains at its optimal quality for half a day.

If you wish to drink the beverage for the next few days, keep the beverage refrigerated. Keeping the Starbucks coffee in the freezer can last up to 7 days.

This article discusses what to do with lukewarm coffee and how to reheat it. Moreover, we discuss how to handle milk-based beverages. Read on!

Reheating Starbucks Coffee

You can reach the best results with leftover coffee through proper heating. Note that storing the beverage properly is just as important as reheating it. Read on!

What To Do With Lukewarm Coffee

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If you intend to drink the coffee at home on the same day, here’s what you can do with a lukewarm Starbucks drink. Try using a steam wand for a lukewarm Starbucks latte. For speedy reheating, you can heat your coffee in a microwave.

However, do note that reaching the boiling point of the liquid brings the best results to your coffee. So, heating your Starbucks drink through a stove top may be your best option.

This method also allows you to control the temperature of your drink for the optimal outcome.

If you wish to reheat your coffee through a stovetop, transfer your drink to the pot and begin the healing process. If you’re planning to microwave your drink, ensure that you use a microwave-oven-safe container.

Reheating a Starbucks cup may cause the cup to warp and contaminate your drink with paper particles.

Consuming Starbucks the Next Day

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Normally, your Starbucks drink can be consumed at its best taste for half a day. But if you’re planning to consume your drink in the next few days, you may have to store the beverage in the refrigerator.

A bottled Starbucks drink can stay fresh until its indicated expiration day if it has not been opened.

If you intend to your Starbucks drink for around a week, storing the beverage in the freezer may be your best and safest choice. Keeping the drink in the freezer ensures that the drink can be fresh for a week.

Milk-Based Starbucks Beverages

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Mixed drinks, like cold brews with milk and sugar, are added and last shorter than an Americano. The drinks are only fresh before it reaches the milk’s indicated expiration date.

Thus, milk-based drinks can only be consumed for 2 days at maximum. Coffee with no milk additives can be optimal for 3 to 4 days.


You can reheat your Starbucks coffee through a microwave or a steam wand. However, reaching the boiling point is essential for optimal results.

A stovetop can help you control the temperature of the heated beverage and may be the best method of reheating your drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reheat Starbucks Coffee in the Microwave?

Yes, you can heat Starbucks coffee in the microwave if you transfer the drink to a microwave-oven-safe container.

Can You Refrigerate and Reheat Starbucks Drinks?

If you store and reheat the drink properly, you can consume the drink the next day.

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