How Does Walmart Motivate Its Employees?


With over 2.3 million associates (yes, they don’t call them employees), Walmart guarantees security as you build your career with them. Even Walmart’s CEO, Doug McMillon, started as an hourly associate! But how exactly can Walmart help its employees feel eager and fulfilled to do their jobs?


Walmart ensures associates feel valued from within while prioritizing their health and financial benefits. Associates can achieve their career goals and feel engaged and respected through the positive environment and healthy competition cultivated.

Moreover, various rewards and benefits give people the safety net they need to thrive beyond work and meet their needs.

Curious about the intrinsic and extrinsic reinforcements Walmart boosts amongst its employees? From work engagement to insurance and financial plans, we’ve got the deets just for you. Read on!

Intrinsic Motivations

Walmart prevents associates’ stagnation through career progression and the opportunities they offer.

1. Training Opportunities


Hate feeling stuck with your professional growth?

Associates can make the most of their job by investing in their learning and education through Walmart Academy. Through this benefit, Walmart employees can widen their skill set, knowledge, leadership, and technical skills.

2. Competitive Pay and Career Growth


On average, new associates attain promotions in seven months. Entry-level roles can receive more than 17 dollars per hour, depending on the market and position.

The majority of managers began as hourly associates.

Walmart takes care of its employees by cultivating an environment of inclusivity and equity, ensuring career opportunities are accessible to its people.

3. Engaging and Respectful Working Environment

Office Engagement

Walmart instills in its employees a sense of initiative by letting them feel they are a part of a community, allowing them to feel accepted and respected.

Rather than calling their workers employees, they use the term associates to boost engagement and see each member as a partner working towards the same vision and goal.

Extrinsic Motivation

Aside from nurturing a positive working environment for employees, Walmart provides financial and health benefits for holistic wellness.

1. Physical Health Perks


From life insurance to medical coverage for pressing sicknesses and disabilities, Walmart equips its employees with health benefits. By providing options for insurance plans, associates can get the security they need for their health and wellness.

Immediate family members can appreciate health insurance perks for a lower price.

2. Emotional Health Perks

Walmart associates can seek personal counseling for free.

Beyond catering to one’s physical health needs, Walmart makes professional counseling accessible to associates and their immediate family members.

In addition, associates can rest and rejuvenate worry-free through paid time off and sick leaves. Employee perks include a 16-week paid maternal leave, and a 6-week paid paternal leave. Moreover, they are assured of their job schedules two weeks ahead, giving them the freedom to pursue meaningful activities beyond work.

3. Financial Benefits

Sam's Club Plus

Eligible associates can purchase Walmart stocks at a lower price and take benefit of a 401(k) match.

Through the program Live Better U, Walmart has funded books and the full tuition of over 1.3 million field-based employees.

Membership cards (like Walmart+ and SaSam’slub Plus) are available for US-field associates. Walmart US employees can also enjoy 10 percent off on fresh produce and selected items.


Walmart is a company that values respect, equity, inclusivity, and professional growth. By giving associates the means and motivations to excel in their careers and attain health and financial security plans, they feel both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of their hard work.

Associates take control of their careers.

Employees can challenge themselves knowing there is something to look forward to with their careers. Walmart furnishes them with the tools for their goals, securing a work-life balance and ensuring engagement and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Walmart Offer Its Employees?

Walmart offers associates career opportunities partnered with positive competition and a healthy working environment, financial plans, health benefits, insurance, paid leaves, membership cards, and select item discounts.

What Are Walmart’s Four Values?

Service, respect, excellence, and integrity are the four values Sam Walton instilled when he established his principle-centered company.

Is Walmart a Good Place To Work?

Associates can constantly challenge themselves and build skill sets through training. Walmart equips employees with health and financial benefits. Associates can plan activities outside of work by knowing their schedules in advance.

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