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What Is American Airlines Priority?

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American Airlines Priority is a set of benefits and services designed to make the travel experience more convenient and enjoyable. From priority check-in, security, and boarding, to complimentary upgrades and mileage bonuses, American Airlines Priority offers a range of perks to its eligible passengers. But what exactly is American Airlines Priority? How does it work? And how does it compare to the services offered by other airlines? Let’s dive in.


American Airlines Priority is a set of benefits and services designed to enhance the travel experience for eligible passengers. It includes priority check-in, security, and boarding, complimentary upgrades, mileage bonuses, and more. Eligibility is based on ticket class, AAdvantage membership status, holding an eligible AAdvantage credit card, or being an active-duty U.S. military member.

Understanding American Airlines Priority

American Airlines Priority refers to the privileges given to passengers based on their ticket class, membership status, and other factors. These privileges include priority check-in, security, and boarding, which allows passengers to bypass standard lines and enjoy a smoother, faster airport experience.

American Airlines Priority is divided into four groups, each offering different levels of priority:

  1. Group 1: Includes domestic first-class passengers, international business-class passengers, AAdvantage Executive Platinum status holders, and active-duty US military personnel.
  2. Group 2: Comprises AAdvantage Platinum Pro and oneworld Emerald status holders.
  3. Group 3: Includes AAdvantage Platinum and oneworld Sapphire status holders.
  4. Group 4: Comprises AAdvantage Gold, oneworld Ruby status holders, and passengers with AirPass or Premium Economy tickets.

Benefits of American Airlines Priority

American Airlines Priority offers a plethora of benefits to its eligible passengers. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • Priority check-in, security, and boarding: Passengers can bypass standard lines and enjoy a smoother, faster airport experience.
  • Free checked bags: Passengers can check bags without paying additional fees.
  • Priority bag delivery: Luggage arrives faster at the destination.
  • Same-day standby and flight changes: Offers flexibility for last-minute changes.
  • Admirals Club® membership discount: Provides access to exclusive airport lounges.
  • Complimentary upgrades on American and Alaska Airlines: Allows for a more comfortable travel experience.
  • Status mileage bonus: Enables passengers to earn more award miles.
  • Complimentary Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats: Offers more legroom and preferred seating options.

The specific benefits a passenger receives depend on their AAdvantage status tier (Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Executive Platinum).

Becoming Eligible for American Airlines Priority

Eligibility for American Airlines Priority can be achieved through multiple avenues:

  • Flying in a premium cabin: Business or First Class tickets include priority privileges.
  • Obtaining elite status: Through the AAdvantage program, such as AAdvantage Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Executive Platinum.
  • Holding an eligible AAdvantage credit card: Certain co-branded credit cards offer priority benefits.
  • Being an active duty U.S. military member: Military ID holders receive priority perks.

Comparing American Airlines Priority to Other Airlines

American Airlines Priority services are comparable to those offered by other major airlines and airline alliances. The specific benefits and tiers may vary, but the overall priority experience is generally consistent across the industry. For instance, similar to American Airlines, major airlines like Delta and United also offer priority boarding to their elite status members and premium cabin passengers.

Accessing Exclusive Lounges with American Airlines Priority

While American Airlines Priority does not grant access to exclusive lounges by itself, access can be obtained through other means. For instance, passengers with a First or Business class ticket, or AAdvantage elite status members, can access Admirals Club lounges.

In conclusion, American Airlines Priority provides passengers with a range of benefits designed to make the travel experience more convenient and enjoyable. Whether it’s bypassing long lines at the airport or enjoying complimentary upgrades, American Airlines Priority offers a premium experience for its eligible passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AAdvantage program?

The AAdvantage program is American Airlines’ frequent flyer program. Members can earn miles for flights and other services, which can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades, car rentals, and other benefits. The program also includes elite status tiers (Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum) that offer additional benefits.

Can I purchase American Airlines Priority if I’m not eligible through my ticket class or AAdvantage status?

No, American Airlines Priority benefits are not available for purchase. They are exclusive to passengers who are eligible based on their ticket class, AAdvantage status, or other qualifying factors.

What is Admirals Club?

Admirals Club refers to American Airlines’ network of airport lounges. These exclusive lounges provide a comfortable space to relax or work before flights, with amenities such as complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and personal travel assistance.

How can I earn AAdvantage status?

You can earn AAdvantage status by accumulating Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs), Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs), and Elite Qualifying Segments (EQSs) through flights on American Airlines or partner airlines. The specific requirements for each status tier can be found on the American Airlines website.

What are the benefits of holding an AAdvantage credit card?

AAdvantage credit cards, offered in partnership with various banks, provide cardholders with benefits such as the ability to earn AAdvantage miles on purchases, free checked bags, priority boarding, and in some cases, access to Admirals Club lounges. The specific benefits vary depending on the card.

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