Why Is My Walmart Account Disabled?

Walmart Account

Like Amazon or eBay, Walmart allows you to create a seller account to list your items on the store; however, having your account disabled can be frustrating, and you might wonder why it happened.


The reason why your Walmart account is disabled might be because you violated any of the following set standards:

  • Not complying with the Marketplace Agreement.
  • Infringing the Performance Standards.
  • Failing to comply with Operational Standards.
  • Violating the Trust and Safety Standards.
  • Listing unreasonable prices.

To make you understand better, we have written a complete guide below to help you figure out why your Walmart account is disabled.

Why Is My Walmart Account Disabled?

Walmart Account Disable

Walmart is one of the best stores for retailers to get a chance to showcase their products to a large audience and attract lifelong customers.


In 2022/23 alone, about 230 million customers visited Walmart weekly and secured about 73 million USD in sales for online retailers. These numbers are enough to attract sellers to the largest hypermarket chain in the United States.

However, this might suddenly halt if you wake up one day to have your seller account disabled. This unfortunate news is enough to send any seller into a troubled state.

Here the real question arises: what is the reason for the suspension?

Walmart’s first objective is providing and preserving quality, which is the biggest reason it has such a vast customer base and is a world-class marketplace.

To maintain these values, every seller must agree to follow specific terms and conditions before creating an account at Walmart. Upon failure to comply with these rules, the sellers face inevitable repercussions.

Depending on your overall seller Score Card, you might get off with a warning before you find that your account has been disabled or suspended by Walmart.

To be specific, there are 5 rule violations that Walmart doesn’t tolerate. They are written as follows:

1. Non-Compliance With Walmart’s Marketplace Retailer Agreement

Retailer Agreement

Most sellers make a fundamental mistake by agreeing to the retailer agreement without reading it properly.

All the terms and conditions presented when creating an account are legally binding and a prerequisite to becoming a seller on Walmart. Failure to comply with any of the given clauses may be why your Walmart account has been disabled.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is essential to properly read the contract and ensure all the clauses apply to your business and its operations.

2. Infringement of Walmart’s Performance Standards

Performance Standards

More than 130,000 sellers are working with Walmart, which has been increasing steadily throughout the years. With these many third-party businesses involved, you might wonder how the store has maintained its performance globally.

Well, the biggest reason is Walmart’s strict adherence to its performance standards, written as follows:

Cancellation Rate

This rate is set by Walmart, which defines the percentage of order cancellations the sellers can make after the order has been placed.

According to the criteria, if this rate goes above 2% within 14 days, Walmart can hold you liable and disable your account.

Refund Rate

According to the Walmart standard, the refund rate of the seller’s orders should be less than 6% in 90 days. If the customers keep refunding the items for reasons that are your responsibility as the seller, your account can get into trouble.

On-Time Delivery Rate

The total percentage of the orders defines the on-time delivery rate the seller delivers to the customers before or on the expected delivery date.

As a seller, Walmart requires you to keep this rate above 95% in 14 days.

Valid Tracking Rate

Walmart asks every seller to provide valid tracking information to the customers. This means selecting one of their five shipping methods and providing a valid tracking link for each item, where the customer can quickly check the status of their order.


This standard is part of the Walmart Shipping Policy and should be greater than 99% in 14 days to avoid account suspension.

Seller Response Rate

As a seller, Walmart expects you to reply to customer queries within 48 hours. This response rate should be maintained at greater than 95%.

Failure to comply with this standard can lead to automatic cancellation by Walmart of orders that are not currently shipped and can also put your account at risk.


You can find order metrics on your Seller Scorecard provided by Walmart.


Walmart has many procedures and rules to accommodate its customers and sellers. They can make an exception and allow you to resume their operation on their platform if you have a genuine reason for violating the standards.

However, you must produce valid proof to make a case for an exception and the details of the orders affected by this reason.

For example, the destruction of your warehouse due to any natural disaster.

3. Neglecting Walmart’s Operational Standards

Operational Standard

To get the opportunity to sell at Walmart, retailers must have top-level operations that comply with their standards. In addition, making sure that the customer satisfaction level is high with on-time shipments, refunds, deliveries, and prices is very necessary.

Failure to follow any of the operational standards mentioned below might result in your account’s disabled. Some of the operational standards include:

Customer Service

Walmart demands that all the product information should be transparent and communicated to the customers to avoid the chances of disappointment and refund.

If any issues or requests arise, the sellers should remain responsive while complying with the rules set by Walmart.

Respecting Individuals and Mankind

All the sellers at Walmart are prohibited from engaging in forced or underage labor and breaking any of the workers’ health and safety laws. In addition, the employment at the seller’s business should be done legitimately and only based on talent.

Walmart does not tolerate any discrimination due to race, age, gender, or creed and requires you to safeguard your worker’s rights by not holding their wages.

Furthermore, you should pay strict attention to establishing a safe working environment that is also clean and hygienic.

If there is a need, you should provide food and living facilities to the workers. There should also be an accessible infirmary, with the appropriate First Aid and a trained professional for assistance.


As part of the operational standards, Walmart expects you not only to maintain but increase the rate of your goods performance. Timely addressing issues and handling unforeseen circumstances make one excel as a seller at Walmart.

4. Violation of Walmart’s Trust and Safety Standards

Trust And Safety Standards

Trust is an essential building block of any successful business, and knowing this, Walmart has established a few Trust and Safety Standards for the sellers to follow.

Regulatory Compliance

A violation of this standard happens when you sell a product banned due to risks to the product and food safety laws at the Walmart marketplace.

Such products include uncertified and untested baby equipment, prescription medications, gambling, surveillance equipment, etc.

These are the practices that every seller should keep away from, whether or not they are in partnership with Walmart.

Selling Offensive Products

Advertising and selling products that promote violence, bigotry, or display profanity are examples of items that can offend buyers and result in your seller account getting disabled.

Intellectual Property

Walmart strictly prohibits you from selling items that can potentially violate someone else’s intellectual property rights or breach the Copyright Policy on their creative works—for instance, selling a painting without asking permission or having the authority to distribute it.

5. Unreasonable Pricing

Unreasonable Pricing

Walmart is popular amongst supermarket goers for its competitive pricing and good quality. So, if you put up unreasonable prices for your products, the store can remove them from their marketplace.

In worst cases, Walmart can also suspend your account.


In this article, we have discussed why your Walmart account is disabled by diving into the details of each standard set by the store.

Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out the underlying issue with your Walmart seller account. You now have a detailed understanding of their guidelines and standards that can keep your account from being suspended.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Recover My Walmart User I.D.?

To recover your Walmart user I.D., head to the login page and click the “Forgot User ID/Password link. Next, type in your Social Security number, card number, and CVV (security code) to get the required details.

How Long Is Walmart Account Temporarily Locked?

If you try logging into your Walmart account and typing in the wrong credentials many times, this can lead to temporary account locking that lasts from 24 hours to 30 days.

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