What Green Tea Powder Does Starbucks Use?

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Starbucks undoubtedly serves one of the best matcha in the world, but to get the same taste at home, you should know what green tea powder they use.


Starbucks uses green tea powder from a Japanese brand called Aiya Matcha. They grow their leaves in Nishio, Japan, and have additional sugar added to the powder.

Below, we have written a comprehensive guide on what green tea powder Starbucks uses to help you achieve the same taste of matcha at home.

Green Tea Powder Starbucks Use

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If you think about one of the biggest names in the coffee world, Starbucks is closely followed by Costa Coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Their endless variety of drinks and unbeatable taste is loved by millions worldwide.

Some of the most popular drinks at Starbucks are made from matcha, which is a Japanese powdered green tea. Recently, there has been a significant rise in the number of people who drink matcha due to its unique taste and health benefits.


Starbucks introduced its first matcha drink, the matcha green ice tea latte, on April 4th, 2006.

But why spend $35/week for a cup of Starbucks matcha latte a day when you can get the same taste at home using the same green tea power?

Starbucks uses green tea powder from a brand called Aiya Matcha, which imports its leaves from Nishio, Japan, a town known for its best tea-growing conditions.

With this premium quality matcha, Starbucks achieves a rich and unique taste.


To replicate their most famous vanilla matcha tea latte at home, use the Aiya green tea powder, milk, and any vanilla syrup you choose.

Benefits of Starbucks Green Tea Powder

Although the matcha you get at the largest coffeehouse chain in the world contains high amounts of sugar, it is still a much better option than traditional drinks for multiple reasons.


If you are trying to lower your sugar intake, order your Starbucks matcha drink without additional sugar, as their green tea powder already has 5 grams per scoop.

1. Low Caffeine

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While Starbucks’s green tea powder has caffeine, it is much lower than what you get in a regular coffee cup.

Multiple studies have concluded that consuming high amounts of caffeine can have numerous side effects on your body, including anxiety, digestive issues, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc.

Furthermore, daily caffeine consumption creates an addiction that can cause severe withdrawal effects when you don’t want to take it anymore.

Starbucks matcha green tea has a much safer quantity of caffeine that keeps you energized for a longer time, unlike coffee, which causes an immediate, short-lived surge in energy that leaves you more exhausted afterward.

2. High in Antioxidants

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Antioxidants fight free radicals from our body that can cause chronic illness. Catechins are a family of natural antioxidants that fights against these molecules.

As Starbucks matcha is high in catechins, it lowers the process of oxidization in your body, removing the hazardous molecules.

Even when combined with hot water, this green tea retains all the nutrients found in its leaves.


Matcha has 137 times more catechins than any other type of green tea.

3. Protects Liver

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Research shows that Starbucks’ green tea power is good for liver health. Not only does it help get rid of pollutants from the body, but it also helps digestion and improving metabolic rate.

Green tea extract also helps reduce the increased level of liver enzymes, which are a sign of a damaged liver.

4. Increases Productivity

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Starbucks matcha has a unique combination of caffeine, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a major polyphenol, and L-theanine, which increases focus and reflexes within an hour after consumption.

So, switching your daily coffee to Starbucks green tea powder is an excellent alternative if you want to boost your productivity for various important tasks.


This guide discussed what green tea powder Starbucks uses and its benefits on your body.

We hope this article has given you the answer you were looking for and you can make the Starbucks matcha latte from scratch yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Scoops of Matcha Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks uses 1, 2, and 3 scoops of Aiya matcha green tea powder for their tall, grande, and venti cups.

Who Should Not Drink Matcha Green Tea?

Pregnant women should not excessively drink Starbucks matcha green tea as it contains caffeine and can cause irritability, headache, and insomnia.

Is Starbucks Matcha Made With Water or Milk?

The Starbucks matcha latte is made with green tea powder, sugar, ice, and 2% milk.

What Happens if I Drink Green Tea Every Day?

Daily consumption of Starbucks green tea reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, increases metabolism, and improves your mood throughout the day.

Why Is There So Much Sugar in Starbucks Matcha?

Starbucks has 50% sugar and 50% matcha green tea powder in their blend to lessen the original bitter taste of the tea, which is why it tastes sweet even without any additional sugar.

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