What App Does Starbucks Use for Scheduling?

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Every company needs someone to ensure that the work is being done efficiently and effectively.

Scheduling software replaces that someone and makes sure that the work is streamlined and staff is updated about it on time. It reduces conflicts and increases efficiency.

The companies like Starbucks have their scheduling app to delegate resources for the smooth running of the brand.

Are you a new employee at Starbucks waiting for your schedule for the week? Are you completely clueless about where to start? Download Teamworks App.

It is an easy application that Starbucks employees can access anytime, anywhere, to enter and exit shifts and check their work schedules.

How do you download and log in to Teamworks? Why does Starbucks need a scheduling app? What are the benefits of scheduling apps like Teamworks? Let’s keep reading to learn more.


Starbucks uses the Teamworks scheduling app. It is a one-stop solution for Starbucks employees’ work and attendance management.

The Teamworks app is an excellent way to ensure the smooth functioning of Starbucks outlets. The following are the features of the Starbucks scheduling app:

  • Attendance management
  • Downloadable on any device
  • Quick task discovery
  • User-friendly design
  • Managing and controlling situations

What are the benefits of the Teamworks app? From where can you download it, and how? What is Kronos? Get all your questions answered in this article.

Starbucks shifted from Kronos to the Teamworks scheduling app. Who can use it? How to use it? What are its features and benefits? Get answers to all your questions.

If you are a Starbucks barista, downloading Teamworks is the way to work efficiently. Keep reading to get a clear idea of how the app works.

Starbucks Scheduling App


Earlier, one of the Starbucks baristas complained about the Kronos scheduling app, but Starbucks neither denied nor confirmed that it used Kronos.

The latest official Starbucks scheduling app is Teamworks. It works smoothly on the Starbucks mobile site and Android mobiles.

With the use of any device, this user-friendly app can be accessed easily.

Through the Teamworks app, managers schedule weekly sets of work for their team.

Every Starbucks employee can access Teamworks anytime, anywhere. It is especially convenient for the baristas.

Teamworks is loaded with valuable data from Starbucks employees. It is a highly protected and secure app. What are the features of the Teamworks app?

1. Attendance Management

Starbucks Barista

The Teamworks app helps to keep your work under control and highly organized. Dealing with customers throughout the day can be quite hectic and tiresome.

A scheduler that calculate the working hours can be a great relief after a tiring day. The Teamworks app lets you keep a record of the entry and exit time at work.

Hence, attendance management is completely organized.

2. Downloadable on Any Device

Multiple Devices

You can download the Teamworks app on any device you want, whether iOS devices or Android mobiles, tablets, or PCs.

Teamworks functions smoothly on every device without any glitches.

3. Quick Task Discovery

To-Do List On A Calendar

If you are using the Starbucks scheduling app Teamworks, you will understand how quick the task view and review feature are. With one click, get the list of tasks assigned to you through the app.

From pending to upcoming tasks, or if you need to meet a deadline, everything is available in the app.

The process is streamlined appropriately for you. You don’t have to sit idle and wait for the work to be assigned. Just open the app and get your work schedule 14 days ahead.

Working in a team is easy with the Teamworks scheduling app. It cuts down on fluff and increases productivity and work efficiency.

4. User-Friendly Design

Man Checking His Working Hours Online

The Teamworks app has a plain and simple design. The user-friendly interface loads quickly and makes it easy for the employees to use.

Now, you can check your working hours in the app itself. If you are a barista, save time by checking your working hours in the app instead of going to the office and pestering your manager.

5. Managing and Controlling Situations


Are you a manager at Starbucks? With the help of Teamworks, you can control and manage your employees easily.

Communication is better and quicker. You get a unique customer PIN through this app, accessible only to you. You get to know if all the employees use a common contact point like the Teamworks app.

This PIN lets you keep track of the employees using Teamworks in the hotspots. If there is any crime, the discovery feature helps you to identify the employee and catch the person if needed.

How To Download and Sign Into Teamworks

Downloading A Software

You can easily download the Starbucks Teamworks app from any downloading platform, but Google Play Store and iOS App Store are the most recommended ones.

You just need to search Starbucks Teamworks in the app store, click on the install link beside the icon, and your Teamworks app will be saved and downloaded to your device.

You may log into Starbucks Teamworks in two different ways. Firstly, you may use a Starbucks card to log in. Secondly, you may create a username and password to log in to the app.

If you are yet to download the app, visit the link and enter your username and password.

Facing Issues While Logging In to Teamworks

Screen Showing Authentication Failed

Teamworks is a smooth-running app with no glitches. Still, if you face trouble logging in to Teamworks at any point in time, contact and inform the HR department immediately about your concern, they will surely try to solve your problem after looking into the matter.


The Starbucks scheduling app Teamworks provides several benefits to the employees. It ensures the company runs smoothly. The Teamworks app reduces paperwork and increases employee satisfaction.

You can easily communicate with your team as confidentially without scheduling errors.

The best part is if an employee is on leave, you may assign the task to another employee and make the required adjustments in the schedule through Teamworks.

The carrying out of day-to-day tasks is much easier with the Teamworks app. If you are new to Starbucks and have yet to download Teamworks, hurry! Get to work instead of waiting for someone to guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Request Days Off at Starbucks?

You may request leave through the scheduling app and get denied or approved through it. In the case of paid vacations, if any are left, you may use them as you want.

If you are a manager, make sure to have someone cover your absence and ask your boss for the calendar invite. Once done, wait and watch if your request for leave gets accepted or denied.

How Does Starbucks Do Its Schedule?

The schedules for employees are posted 14 days in advance. So, the employees can access three weeks altogether, the current week and the next two weeks. It gives flexibility to the staff to plan.

If they wish to take leaves, they can get the shifts covered or switched as per requirement.

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