How Many Cookies in Costco Cookie Tray?


Costco cookies are a delicious treat for anyone with a surprisingly strong sweet tooth, but if you are worried that one or two of them are not enough or you are arranging a party, Costco cookie trays might be your answer.


Costco bakes the cookies and places them in a standard cookie tray that can hold around 24 of them.

The good news is that the giant 42 and 44 cookie tray is back at Costco, which you enjoy with your family or take to a friend’s house.

You can also buy a 70-piece holiday cookie tray at Costco and customize the quantity per your needs.

Costco’s Christmas cookie tray has a whopping 84 cookies per tray, enough for a small party.

To help you get the desired information, we’ve written below how many cookies are in a Costco cookie tray so that you know the exact quantity in it.

Costco Cookie

Costco is a multibillion-dollar global retailer with 11 countries’ warehouse club operations. With an extensive range of products, delicious Costco cookies have a massive fan base and are branded under Kirkland.

All Costco cookies are baked perfectly fresh, labeled with the expiration date, and can be eaten within seven days.


Ensure the cookies’ expiry date before purchasing so you can eat them fresh with maximum time available for storage.

A Costco assorted cookie tray will serve you best if you want to host a small party or share it with your friends or family.

So, without delay, let’s find out how many freshly baked Costco cookies are in a single tray, so you still have some left after eating a few of them daily.


The standard assorted Costco cookie tray contains 24 cookies priced at $8.99. This makes each cookie cost around $0.34.

A single cookie tray weighs almost 2.2 lbs, and a single cookie weighs approximately 1.46oz.

Costco Cookies

Recently, Costco has re-introduced its 42-piece cookie tray. Now the new holiday cookie tray contains 44 freshly baked seasonal cookies, over 2 pounds.

The 44-piece Costco cookie tray cost is $3.99 more than the 42-piece tray cost and is now $13.99.

Although you may think that adding to cookies and charging $3.99 more for them seem outrageous, the food prices increased rapidly in the last year, so this should not come as a huge surprise.


Costco cookie tray prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Moreover, the new tray contains five types of chocolate chip cookies, including green sprinkles, vanilla-drizzled chocolate variety, and a few other options with green and red chocolates.

Costco Cookies

The Costco holiday variety cookie tray has 70 cookies elegantly placed in it, a great option to satisfy everyone’s cravings at your party.

The cost of the holiday cookie tray is $17.99, weighs about 4.25 lbs, and includes:

  • Lemon shortbread with green sugar.
  • Green and red chocolate chips.
  • Wedding cookies.
  • Chocolate crinkle cookies with powdered sweetener.
  • Date nut bison.

Costco often offers a $2 rebate on the holiday cookie tray, lowering the cost to $15.99.


The Costco 70-piece holiday tray previously contained chocolate mint cookies, but this item is no longer included. Instead, you can customize your holiday cookie tray to make the cookie count 44 or 60.

Costco Cookie

Costco’s giant Christmas cookie tray is loaded with 86 cookies of five different varieties, which cost $18.99 a pop.

It’s hard to tell what is on this cookie tray, but you will surely get classic sugar cookies covered in green/red sprinkles, molasses with smooth icing, or Mexican crinkles.


The Costco cookie tray is transparent; you can see exactly how many cookies are in it through the container.


This article discusses how many cookies are in the Costco cookie tray, including the holiday and Christmas trays.

Hopefully, you now know the cookie count in each tray and can order the one that best meets your needs according to the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Are Costco Bakery Cookies?

Costco bakery cookies are usually 1.5 x 2″ in size.

How Many Oreos Are in a Costco Pack?

The Costco chocolate sandwich cookie pack contains 12 fresh pieces.

Are Costco Cookies Free?

If you are shopping at Costco with your kid, you can stop at the bakery and get a free cookie for about $0.38.

Are Costco Cookies Chewy?

Costco cookies are soft and chewy in the middle but a bit crispy on the outer edges due to their thinner size. So if you are looking for a thick cookie with a firm crisp, try another bakery.

How Many Costco Cookies Do I Need for 100 Guests?

If a person at your party eats 4-5 cookies, you need to consider 40 to 50 dozen Costco cookies for 100 guests.

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