How Many Call Outs Does Target Allow?


Getting sick is an unfortunate and unavoidable phenomenon that results in you missing work for the day.

Knowing that you’ll miss a workday may cause anxiety or overthinking, which won’t contribute to your healing.

Being aware of your rights and the regulations of your company gives you the assurance and information you need to call in sick.

But how many call outs does Target allow?


Target allows one to two days of call outs. Often they allow a day of missing work. Depending on your situation, track record, and branch, you may be permitted to do two consecutive call outs if necessary.

In this article, we talk about Target call outs, how many are allowed, and why you can or cannot be fired for calling in sick. Keep reading!

Target Call Outs

Should you need to call in sick at Target, you can do so 2 hours before your work. Moreover, calling a bit earlier gives staff ample hours to prepare for the shift without you.

Allowable Call Outs per Week


If you have a good track record and you are a dependable employee, informing your Leader-On-Duty (LOD) should be easier.

As long as you assure your LOD with the truth, you won’t seem suspicious to him or her.

You can miss one shift for emergency purposes, such as when you are sick or if a family member needs medical attention. Sometimes, you can take another consecutive call out if necessary.

However, the best way to be assured of how many call outs you can take is by reviewing your employee handbook or talking to your LOD or store manager.

Family and Medical Leave Act


Knowing your benefits and rights can also help you call in sick if you need immediate medical attention.

If you receive Family and Medical Leave Act benefits, you are protected to take unpaid leave for recovery for up to 12 weeks.

You do not need to worry about your contract being terminated if you need medical attention for an extended period.

Being Fired for Calling In Sick


Typically, unavoidable situations won’t cause you to be fired.

However, if you lie about your situation or abuse call outs for leisure, your contract may be terminated. These mistakes are grounds for termination.

Thus, giving a valid and honest reason for a call-out is necessary to maintain a commendable reputation at Target.

Ensure that you’ve relayed the information clearly and thoroughly to the LOD.

For emergency reasons, such as being under a doctor’s care, being unconscious, or needing immediate medical attention, you should not be worried about being fired as long as you give a doctor’s note after.

Your health is most valuable, after all.


You can get up to one to two call outs per week at Target. You shouldn’t be worried about being fired if you have been dependable and honest with your colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Call Out of a Shift at Target?

Place a call to talk to your LOD and inform them about your situation.

How Many No Call No Shows Can You Make at Target?

After three no-call no-shows, you can be fired at Target.

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